Taichi_1  "escuela del corazón del Sauce" Bogota. 

"Around the year 1999 I got interested in eastern practices. First I got involved in Yoga and meditation and practiced them for several years. Then I tried some martial arts like korean Taekwondo (跆拳道) and Japanese Aikido (合気道) but they seem to me a little aggressive. Some friends used to tell me I should practice Taichi and I attend few classes in 2002 without any success. Around the year 2006 a friend insisted me on going to a group in the Bogota mountains. The first time I went to this place i got astonished. This was the "Corazón del Sauce" school who practice in the mountains of the National park in Bogota with Master Angel, who learned from a Chinese migration in Colombia. We learn many styles and Qigong (氣功). Since that day I practice everyday and I got in love with this practice. I learned from him a long form of Yang style (楊氏).

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I started travelling Asia in 2007, and in India and Japan I practice with other teachers. I started looking for a serious School to study and I met some people who changed my mind about studying in mainland China, suggesting Taiwan instead. In spite of the fact that gongfu (Chinese martial arts 中國武術) was born in mainland China, it was to Taiwan (and Hong Kong) that many of the great masters came after (and before) the Republic of China was established. It is well known that China has made a big business of the martial arts since the 1980s. So I went to Taiwan in 2009 and my research has not been easy because I needed to study Mandarin in order to understand my teachers and texts. Now I can understand why Taiwan, though a small island, is recognized as a great place to study Chinese tradition. In parks across Taiwan, thousands of people can be seen early morning practicing different forms of martial arts, mostly Taichi-chuan.

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I study with H.Y. Chen (陳修姚) in the Taipei New generation of Taichi chuan (台北巿薪傳鄭子太極拳協會). Here we learn Zheng manqing (鄭曼青) 37 form (三十七勢), 13 form (十三勢) and others. Currently I am learning Chen style (陳氏) 24 Hunyuan (混元) and sword (太極劍). Also I learned the long Yang style 108 (一百零八楊氏), some other practices regarding Taoist exercises, Qigong and push hands (推手) with Master Zheng (鄭顯氣). Although my purpose with Taichi chuan is not about to compete, I attend the III Taichi chuan world cup in Taichong winning the first place in foreigners 37 style competition and 4th in the world. I currently live and study Taichi in Taiwan."



Here I will write some o the things I've learn. [Under construction]